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tv   Senator Schumer Comments on Gorsuch Nomination  CSPAN  April 5, 2017 11:49pm-12:06am EDT

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it would be nice but thatn those who were at the same pretreat and we need to get m back and coming closer to the nomination of judge gorsuch and the potential rules change. to treat my friend the majority leader to come back from the brink. and as we have made clear the democrats have principled reasons to vote
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against this nominee on the cloture vote. he has instinctively favor corporate interest over average americans not showing a scintilla of interest to resident trump also based on his record in history has a deeply held far right special-interest judicial philosophy that is out of the mainstream. "the washington post" concluded that he may be the most part conservative justice on the bench to the right even of justice thomas . that could be abstract to many americans but his
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judicial philosophy matters a great to make decisions and tickets of jurisprudence and the reality is judge gorsuch embraces the judicial philosophy to do nothing less than undermine the structure of modern government including the rules to keep water clean and regulate the financial market and protect workers and consumers is that philosophy to become the majority view on the supreme court when average americans are in big big trouble.. it concerns almost every democrat in the of body to prevent cloture on the nomination tomorrow. this leaves the majority
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leader with the choice to break the rules of the senate or sit-down to come up pdf with the mainstreampa nominee to earn bipartisan support. change we believe the answer is not to change the rules but to change the nominee. ear when the nominee fails to earn confirmation life friends seemed intent to break the rules for judge gorsuch in trying to find roles to justify. the truth is each side can blame the other. the game of pointing fingers can go back and back and
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back to the very founding of the republic. if republican friends think they have to change the rules because of the blame game that republicans will never pass the supreme court justice but justice roberts a conservative who passed the of said it by a meeting babar. think if my republican friends think it was so wrong and that is reason to break the rules i remind them believe recent we changes because the republican minorityiled forced to cloture petition to be filed on more nominees under obama is first year than all the 225 years more petitions against the t
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of nominees than all cloture petitions from george washington through georgia review bush.e when democrats changed the rules we purposely left the boat in tact because we knew that the supreme court is different and the justices on the court don't apply the president of the law higher court and that is why the justices should be mainstream enough to garner support when the majority leader breaks the rules tomorrow he would be forever unwinding in the bipartisanship in the senate confirmation process. c
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if they think the filibuster is so vaughan, i remind them that almost everyone and then even hours after thel death that obama could not fill the supreme court seat despite 11 months left in his presidency. that is much worse than a filibuster. even the republican senator commented. but when mcconnell deprived obama of the vote it was a nuclear option. the fact the we are
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insisting on the bar of 60 votes. we think that is far more in keeping with tradition then pull republicans did to judge garland.otes it takes 60 votesov uncontroversial matters on either hand there is absolutely no none. both >> there is blame on both sides we don't think it should be shared that they have been far more aggressive to fight theee nominees and the opposing property and they have been far more noble public the
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extremes of politics but the others fell last time the republican controlled supreme court is an was it 1895. i will repeat a and but to argue with this started but
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day filed borer petitions then all other presidencies combined. forever replays the starting point of this long battle over the judiciary, we are now approaching the end point and nearing the final hour. the stakes are considerable. after the cloture vote to the tactics that we thought blos to trade blows but the side
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is happy with how we got here and now standing on the brink of a near replicable change and to change the rules. i hope beckons still sit down and find enough of an it is at least up to us to try we disagree on many
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thieves who recruit to the american life of a fund's each side to stop pointing feeders and lay down arms in beachside could put aside the resentment built up after he hefner per inch we can talk about we also should not lose the two were together in. so the option to new team team --- 15 with the bipartisan support remain some of the table right now.
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. . in good faith and try to find a way out, he will find an open door and an open mind.void and maybe we can forgive an outcome does senator from either side wants to see. i yield the floor.
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and so here was a yellow pack where he writes down in the midst of the october, 1968, we are going to monkey wrench the peace initiative. this is something that had always been rumored and bits and pieces had come out over the years that nixon denied at the time and denied it to david frost and his biographers and said he never played a role in doing this. longtime journalist and author of the book on mr. richard nixon's political career and his downfall as president. >> the way their team was assembled, they were a former intelligence agents that were supervised by young men on the
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staff but wanted to be the castt that broughcastbut thought thatd president door.
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i used the bell ringers, sometimes i don't use them but i will use them in conjunction with an activity we are doing that they more as a wrapup. >> the website is fabulous. my students use it regularly in fact right now they are working on clipping videos and questions that they can design and turn into their own bell ringers. >> it's a perfectly set up ready to go discussion on a variety of topics that are current and relevant today. >> if you are a middle or high school teacher joining many as a member of c-span classroom. it's free and easy to register at classroom and you can request the classroom size american presidents
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timeline poster, a display of all 45 presidents. find out more at here's more of wednesday's senate debate on neil gorsuch that begins with ben cardin.o >> i take this time to explain to the people of maryland and the nation my views on neil gorsuch to be an associate judgt of the supreme court of the united states. i might tell you there is no more important responsibility than a member of senate has been the advice and consent of an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states.nt there is


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